Our Story

The Women Behind Shelalee
We are two friends, moms, and wives. We love the outdoors, beaches, sipping coffee and chatting about everything and anything. We are always in a hurry but can easily spend an hour analyzing a fashion magazine. One of the most frequent questions we get is, “Are you sisters?” Our answer is, "Kind of yes, but not really.” Born and raised in communist Czechoslovakia, we played with the same toys, learned from the same textbooks and watched the same two TV channels just like all other children in the country.

Our Inspirations
Simply said, life with all its branches: nature, our feelings and mood, people we meet, our customers and their ideas and everything all together.

We also must give credit to our mothers. They taught us to go beyond the obvious. They worked their magic with just fabric and a sewing machine, and were able to dress us up for special occasions like no one else. When we met in Northern Kentucky, we were just two friends trying to find a way to reflect our friendship. Through our common roots, the beauty of Czech (Bohemian) glass and its long history originating in the 13th century, Shelalee was born.

Where We Sell
We are super excited about our e-shop where you have just landed, so please browse through this web site. We have displays in a few local shops including O.G. Gallery & Studio (Reading, OH) and Bird in a Tree Boutique (Batesville, IN). Our largest selections can be seen at art shows and holiday markets that we love to attend. If that sounds like fun to you, hop into the "Events" section to learn about our upcoming art shows. We'd be glad to meet you!